Creating our own essential-slices library and how to set-up multiple custom types

Loving the slice machine concept.

We want to create our own essential-slices library.

We are using Next.js as our Javascript Framework. I created a library with all the slices for our project.

Now I want to configure that on the command prismic sm --setup it will use our own essential-slices library? How can I do this?

Another questions. I don't want to only create slices for the "page" custom type but we also have custom type "work" and custom type "blog" and "event"

Some Slices are shared between custom types others are not. Is there a file where I can define which slices need to be created to what custom types?

I would like to know if the above functionalities are already possible.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Singor

Hey Bob,

Welcome to the community! Sorry about the delay in the reply.

At the moment that is not quite possible to configure your library to be installed with the sm --setup but you will be able to do this very soon as we are almost ready with the necessary integrations in Slicemachine. You'll need to register your library on npm then you'll run the command sm --setup --lib my-npm-dep.

You can find all the details here:

For your second question, what you are describing is our 'Shared Slices' feature, which we are also planning to release in our next iteration.

You can read about both of these features in the full iteration description here:


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