How to create a slice library

I want to contribute by creating a slice library.

I cant find any documentation on how to create one, package it correctly for npm etc.

But I started with a clean Nuxt install, iinstalled slicemachine, slicemachine-ui & storybook. Then I created a slice, but my main concern right now is that it is inheriting styles from the already included vue-essential-slices, for example from its typography.scss.

Is there a way to unregister the included library? And when Im done with my own library, how to package it for npm?

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Forgot to mention that I removed vue-essential-slices from sm.json, so right now I only got: libraries":["@/slices"]

still get styles from the default lib though.

So, after some digging I found that the librarys styles got added in nuxt.config.js, so that problem is now resolved.

The remaining question is, how to package a slice library once finished? Just publish the slices folder?

And another thought on the same topic. Say you use a css lib. like tailwind, then the tailwind config needs to be included in the slice library as well. How to solve that?

Sorry for spamming, but got eager to create a library after tonights announcements :smiley:

Sorry this got lost somehow.

I believe you got some answers in this thread:

We also created some documentation now here: