How to publish the library


Just a quick question, how would you like the library to be published? A git repo with the Nuxt installation and the slices folder inside, as is when you create it. Or is there any guide on how to just publish the slices folder for npm or github?

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Samuel Horn af Rantzien

Hi @samuel!

Thanks for reaching out and I'm pleased to see that you are working on the contest!

About publishing the library we do not ask you to actually publish the library on NPM or GitHub's registry because the process hasn't been properly documented yet. Although if you'd like to try to actually publish your library (which could be awesome!) on NPM you can find some instructions on this document: Doing so you'll then be able to setup other projects with your library as default instead of vue-essential-slices: $ prismic sm --setup --library my-npm-package

Regarding only the contest, to enter it basically all we ask you is to share:

  • A link to the Storybook documentation of your library (example)
  • A link to your GitHub repository

Also for your information, we will release on Monday two optional library starters (one for Nuxt.js, one for Next.js) to get everyone up and running with ease :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

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Hey @samuel, as promised we released two starters today to help everyone get started with ease :relaxed:, check them out here if you want:



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Hey also wanted to add that for submitting your entry to the Contest:
Please send us the link to your Github repo and the link to your Storybook

Either through

Good luck :heart: