How to contribute to Slice Machine!

We are at the beginning of an exciting journey together and we want to make it as simple as possible for us all to work well together.

On our side that means we will be working hard to bring you certain features for which we will do all the heavy lifting for now. This includes giving you the SliceZone components in other frameworks to work with. So we will be working the coming weeks to bring this to you, probably starting on the React side of the spectrum with Next.js. We’ll have more information about this when it arrives.

But there are other things we would love you the community to help us with in the meantime to make this project as valuable for everyone as possble.

Adding to the Vue/Nuxt standard library

Extending the vue-essential-slices library is the easiest way to get involved. Simply head over to the GitHub repo and follow the template of how our very own @hugo.villain made his PR.

Porting the default library to other frameworks

Like we said in the coming weeks we hope to create Slice Zones for other technologies, so in preparation for that moment the best way to help the project would be converting the vue-essential-slices library in to the Framework of your choice.

Like this as soon as we have the Slice Zone ready for you tech we are ready to go and you get start managing and using the components with ease!