Slice Machine Iteration 8 June 2020 - Pull command & Next.js Support

We were so happy to see the feedback that we received after the release of Slicemachine. This gave us a lot of energy to continue improving the project and make it available for all of you.

Our goal is to work with and for our community to improve the process of creating websites with components.

In that sense, we will communicate every two weeks on the different topics that we will tackle and the one that we might need help with.

And this starts now, For the next two weeks, we will work on two main subjects.

Porting Slicemachine to next.js ▲

We are porting Slicemachine to next.js means three things.

  1. Porting the Slicezone to next.js
  2. Automating the configuration of your next.js project
  3. Porting the nuxt.js component to next.js

We are currently working on implementing the Slicezone in next.js to replicate the behavior of the Slicezone that we created for nuxt.js.

Slicezone for next.js

You can find an RFC that will describe the work that needs to be done here for the Slicezone

Our essential set of component for react

In the meantime Octahedroid nicely offered us to port or vue-essential component to react for future support of Gatsby, plain React or Next.js

You can follow their progress in this repository.

And if you want to contribute have a look at the different issues

Synchronizing your content model from your repository to your code after each change :arrow_down:

After creating a bootstrap component with the prismic sm --create-slice command, you will probably add a new field in the custom type builder for this component to enrich it.

Our goal is to add a new command that will allow you to keep your code in sync with your custom type.

You can find all details here.

We are happy to get any feedback on this subject and will let you know as soon as we have progress on those topics.

Thanks a lot for all the energy that you’re giving us, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or contribute to the different topics.


We :blue_heart: Slice Machine!