Is there any way to have links with parameters or scroll tags?

Hey there!

Just wondering if Prismic has plans to add support for internal links, but with scroll tags. For instance, if I wanted to go to the homepage, and scroll to the contact section, the link would be /#contact - as of right now, the only way to do this is to link to the web with

Would it be possible to add extra parameters/values to internal document links? Basically allowing the part after the uri to be customized to add scroll tags, query parameters, etc.

Hey David, welcome to the Prismic community forum!

There isn’t yet a built-in functionality to have this kind of relationship between links / sections inside documents. But there are workarounds for this!

If the sections you want to scroll to are slices, you can add an additional Key Text field to each slice. This field will hold the string that you can then add to the href of your anchor tags to be able to correctly redirect to the desired links inside your docs.

This has been discussed here: