[RFC] Links to a document don't allow target="blank"

Currently, when inserting a link in a rich text field, if "Link to a Document" is selected it's impossible to specify "Open in new tab".
This is possible when selecting "Link to the Web", so it seems like a bug.

Can something be done about this? It's causing my team problems, as we use "Link to a Document" frequently inside articles to recommend other articles, but we don't want users to close the current article if they click them.

Thank you

hey @pietro.aimone. Currently, the "Open in new tab" option is available for web links but not for links to documents.

Check out our progress page to stay informed about updates and new features related to the page builder. This way, you can stay updated on any improvements or enhancements that may address this issue in the future.

Just checking in to see if this is in the plans for a future update or if we should consider handling media links differently in our code instead?

Hi @Christopotamus ,

There are no plans to change this yet. So, implementing something on your side is the only way to move forward for the moment.

A workaround could be to include a boolean field to add this extra option:

But I know this isn't ideal.

If there are any changes here, we'll let you know.