Issue adding images to ordered and unordered lists


Inserting images in an ordered list or unordered list doesn't work. It looks like they get added nicely in the WYSIWYG editor, also looks OK if you save, but if you do refresh the page in your browser you see the images aren't really there, just some empty space. The empty space is also what ends up in the content if you try to publish it. I'd suspect there's some sort of bug in the WYSIWYG editor related to adding images inside (un+)ordered lists.

It looks like this when editing and even after saving (screenshot taken after saving):

If I refresh the page in the browser I can see the images aren't really there, just some empty space; screenshot grabbed directly after the previous one where I saved it, just refreshed the browser window:

If anyone has any idea of how to fix this, please let me know. For now the only workaround I found was to not use lists and images together.

Best regards,
Joakim Nordling

Hello @joakim.nordling, thanks for reaching out.
We're already tracking this issue in this other thread:

The workarounds you need is to break the bullet list by clicking on the bullet list button and then adding the image.

Thanks, sorry for creating a duplicate, didn't manage to find that other one despite I tried to search.

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