Issues embedding thinkific widget

Hello All,

We are using prismic with GraphQl and next.js, and we have a requirement to embed thinkific sales widget.

The code we got is this

<div class="thinkific-product-card" data-btn-txt="Certify me" data-btn-txt-color="#ffffff" data-btn-bg-color="#179473" data-card-type="card" data-link-type="checkout" data-product="1740338" data-embed-version="0.0.2" data-card-txt-color="#7d7d7d" data-card-bg-color="#ffffff" data-store-url="["](<div> class="iframe-container"></div><script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("thinkific-product-embed") || document.write('<script id="thinkific-product-embed" type="text/javascript" src="["](</script>');</script><noscript><a> href=" target="_blank">Certify me</a></noscript></div>

We created a code slice on prismic and tried to set it on the HTML using

                        __html: `${section.primary.quote.richText[0].text}`,

But this widget is not being rendered. On inspect element I see the div is created, but the script doesnt run.

Any guidance on this?

Hey @manish, thanks for reaching out.
It seems like the correct field is not being rendered. Rich text fields only need to be called by their ID. Let's review the following data:

  • Can you show us the complete query?
  • What's the API ID of the field, and where is it located, in a Group field or a Slice?