JavaKit 2.0 - Problem searching for documents 'near' a geopoint - query problem

The code below is failing with an error. (Park is a valid document type) ... Looks like the argument type is is not being quoted...

{"message":"[function geopoint.near(..)] unexpected field 'Park' on line:1 col:22 in query '[[:d = geopoint.near(Park, -37.17130121230986, -38.923238754141494, 3)]]'\n[[:d = geopoint.near(Park, -37.17130121230986, -38.923238754141494, 3)]]\n                     ^\n","type":"parsing-error","line":1,"column":22,"id":0,"location":"query"}
	public static List<Document> findAllByGeoCodeAndRadiusMiles(String type, GeoPoint p, Integer radius, int max) {
		List<Document> documents = new ArrayList<Document>();
		if (p != null) {
			Form.SearchForm f = getApi().query(Predicates.near(type, p.getLatitude(), p.getLongitude(), radius));
			Response response = f.submit();
			documents =  response.getResults();
		return documents;

Hi @massrealty ,

Welcome to the community! I'll be happy to help you debug this.

Have you saved AND published the document with this field?

Also can you send me your repo URL?

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