Live Preview Not Supported for Content Relationships?

So, right now, if we use any content relationships inside of a slice, that completely turns off the Live Preview function for that slice :exploding_head:. This essentially makes the Live Preview unusable for anything but simple content. (see attached image)

Common use-cases like a testimonial section, or having featured posts or products, etc. are all impossible at the moment.

This came as a shock to me since I was really excited to switching to Prismic from StoryBlock and Sanity, and really loving the new Live Preview editor.

What are the plans / timeline for fixing this? I'd love answer, so I can know how to plan my projects for this year. Thanks!


Hi @ovi , thanks for reaching out. Fixing this is on our Roadmap and most likely it will be in Q2 of this year. I'll provide you with an update when I have more insight into when exactly the team will be working on it and when it will be shipped to you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Any updates on this?

@kris1 we shipped an update recently where slices with a content relationship field will now render. If you are working with internal links then these will now be displayed in the table of slices. However, if you are fetching data from another custom type, this data won't show in the table of slices. This is something that will most likely come in Q2 but I will post an update here when I have more precise timing.