Live Preview Not Supported for Content Relationships?

So, right now, if we use any content relationships inside of a slice, that completely turns off the Live Preview function for that slice :exploding_head:. This essentially makes the Live Preview unusable for anything but simple content. (see attached image)

Common use-cases like a testimonial section, or having featured posts or products, etc. are all impossible at the moment.

This came as a shock to me since I was really excited to switching to Prismic from StoryBlock and Sanity, and really loving the new Live Preview editor.

What are the plans / timeline for fixing this? I'd love answer, so I can know how to plan my projects for this year. Thanks!


Hi @ovi , thanks for reaching out. Fixing this is on our Roadmap and most likely it will be in Q2 of this year. I'll provide you with an update when I have more insight into when exactly the team will be working on it and when it will be shipped to you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.