Strategic Considerations: Navigating Live Preview Challenges with Content Relationships in Page Builder

I know that Page Builder currently does not support Live Preview if there is a Content Relationship field in the Slice. We see only a placeholder saying 'No Live Preview Available.'

Prismic's team avoids this unpleasant issue in their instructions and videos.

My question is, will this functionality be available anytime soon?

This determines how I will structure the data model.

If we can expect this feature in a few years, I will provide the client with an admin panel without using Content Relationship but with a functional Live Preview.

However, if it will work in the near future, it would be more convenient for everyone to use Content Relationship.

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Hi @vagmen27 , live rendering of slices with content relationsips is on the roadmap for early Q1 next year. We'll give you an update when we're working on the feature and when it will be available.


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