Far too little screen real estate given to live slice previews in the new Page Builder

My content creators are not happy with the Prismic preview experience. I was hoping that the page builder would improve things, but the live slice previews are so incredibly small! How are you even supposed to read the text on the slices as you edit them?

I wish Prismic had just gone with a full page preview in an iframe like other CMS use, so you can see the whole page changing live. At least give the live slice previews half the page real estate, and don't restrict the container size so much so there's more room to see everything. This is a tool, there should be plenty of room to spread out your work and visualize everything.

Also the fact that document relationships are not supported makes it almost useless to me. Nearly every slice on our page has some kind of CTA that relies on a document link.

Hi Pete, thanks for the feedback. We agree with you on both and we have items on our roadmap to render slices with content relationship fields and to make the slice previews bigger. They will most likely be landing in Q2 of this year but we'll update this thread when we have more precise ETAs.


That's very good to hear, thank you for the follow up

@guy.proops Unrelated follow-up, is there any plan to bring slicemachine and visual page builder support to Gatsby?

Hi @peter.nordman , not in the short term. We are prioritising next, nuxt and svlete for now.