UI improvement for new page builder

Since some of us don't use Slice Machine or NodeJS on the server, it would be fantastic if you could make the new UI greater for the users who:
1: are only seeing "Legacy slices". My suggestion is that you check if there are 0 "new" slices, then just show the Legacy slices by default (to avoid both the extra click and avoid the negative sounding of "legacy").
2; are not having live-preview enabled. Either allow for a thumbnail or make that grey box much smaller, so it seems intentional. Alternatively for new slices you can use the slice's thumbnail here (the same you see when selecting a slice.
3: don't show the "Preview your Slices in real time" to the user - they can't do anything with this and think the developer did something wrong in the configuration. For some frameworks and tech the live preview is simply not an option, so I want to remove it from my clients' UI.

This would make the editing experience faster and better looking. It would also make the customer feel secure, because they are not looking at features that haven't been implemented and not looking at "Legacy" stuff, because this has a negative sound to it.

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I 100% agree to all of them! For the "legacy" slices even more!
It would be perfect if at least some of those suggestions would get implemented. Not all projects use next.js or nuxt.

Hi team, thanks for the feedback. The priority for us at the moment is the new Media Library, so it is unlikely that we'll be able to tackle these this quarter. I'll update this thread if we decide to implement any of these suggestions.


Thanks for the reply. I have been happy using Prismic for years and sent many clients your way. But I have to start looking for alternatives. Not once have you listened to the user feedback in these forums. There are so many good suggestions for small but useful improvements, but instead you make a new UI that confuses the users - they just wanted folders in the media library (which you still decide not to implement), and some small UX updates (links etc.). I respect that you move in a different direction, and I wish you the best of luck, but I can't propose Prismic to my clients anymore with this new UI filled with warnings and missing buttons, it would seem unprofessional.

Hi @MichaelVestergaard , I understand where you're coming from and at some point, we would like to address your suggestions. However, we have to prioritise and choose the things that will impact our users most. Based on the feedback we've received from our users improving the media library and adding a new search to the doc list, are the things they'd most like to see and will bring the biggest impact so that's what we've prioritised to work on.

Thanks for being a customer and recommending us to your clients, we hope that with all the product improvements we bring in 2024, we'll do enough to lure you back.