Slice Machine learnings and feedback

Hi, I wanted to share a little feedback on the Slice Machine and Legacy Builder.
I have developed >30 Prismic websites and have been happy using your service, so has my clients.

I'm developing with PHP in the back-end (let's not open a discussion about why/why-not), but I want to advocate for you not to forget the users like me. Nextjs etc. is great for many developers and setups. But for someone like me, it's not the ideal solution. I can see that you mention the Slice Machine as the future for your platform. The number one downside for me and some of my clients, is that this require a local setup for all developers (also in the future), making it more complex to add new slices and do smaller edits.

Some quick thoughts after using Slice Machine first time:

  • Installation easy, thanks :slight_smile:
  • I'm missing slice names that can hold spaces and special characters
  • I'm missing descriptions under a slice's name (it just duplicates the name instead). Because this is what the content editors will use to find and understand the slice. Imagine having 10+ slices, you want your client to quickly find the right one.
  • Awesome with screenshots and variations. I wish the legacy build could have this too ;-)
  • The first variation of a slice is always called "Default" - this is not very user friendly for the editors.

Hey Michael!

Thanks for the feedback! Our Slice Machine team is constantly rolling out new features and improvements, so we always appreciate hearing about what's most important to folks. With that in mind, I'll make sure to share this internally with the team. The one thing I ask is that if from this list, there is one (or all) that you feel especially strongly about, you submit it here:

We use this to track and share progress and support for each piece of the roadmap- so it's the perfect spot for giving us a bit more detail on how you'd like to see these implemented.

On a different note, I'd love to hear more about some of your Prismic Projects. Share your favorites in the #showcase channel for the whole community to see and cheer you on!

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Hi Michael!

Great to have you here. I myself also work with PHP when it comes to using the CMS.
After I started maintaining the PHP SDK @erik.israni and the team reached out to ask if I would like to support them in representing the PHP Community.

I therefore totally understand all of your points and resonate with a lot of your Feedback.
Recently I have been thinking about how we could improve the developer experience for PHP projects.

One step would of course be to add support for the custom-types API in the PHP SDK
Alternatively, we could create a new community package focusing on the integration of slice machine and the custom types API.

If you have any further problems, pain points or would like to discuss anything regarding PHP, feel free to address them with me!