Pushed the new slices 'succesfully', but not showing up in page builder

Not sure what the problem is:

I create a new slice
I implement my code in nextjs
i go to review changes in slice machine and click push -> it appears to work and says sucess
i go to my dashboard on prismic, open a page and click the + button to add a new slice
the new slice is not available for selection

i am logged in, i refreshed pages several times and i tried both the new and the legacy page builder

this used to work last week
what am i doing wrong?

Hi @jestersimpps

For "you know what's" and giggles, would you be willing to try something?

In your terminal, try prismic logout and then prismic login

Then, spin up your dev/slicemachine. Refresh the page and see if there are changes waiting to be pushed.

Let me know if that does anything.

ok, solved it, thank you

May I ask what was the solution?

i had to add the slices to the individual pages in the slice machine

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