Future of previews?


We have used Prismic for quite a long time and one of the reasons we picked it was preview. Currently previews are kind of broken. They work only in certain browsers or browsers using specific settings. The problem being third-party cookies and iFrames.

We looked at the Page Builder Alpha and got to testing that as well but the problem persists here. Having the preview of slices in very nice but not getting the whole page is a problem for us in some cases.

So generally we would like to know if there are any plans for changes to the preview system. Could we remove the reliance on a third-party cookie and instead pass the handling of io.prismic.previewSession and io.prismic.preview to our own domain?

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Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your message. I agree and there is a big opportunity for our team to improve the preview. Right now our priority is finishing off the core features for the Page Builder as well as some of the improvements we want to make to the media library and adding teamspaces. I will give you an update when the team is ready to start looking at the search and what our plans are.