Preview problems

I’m writing to you regarding the “preview” function on Prismic. We are still experiencing problems on previewing pages before publish. And this issue has been there from the very beginning till now. I also tried with different browser, doesn’t seems to work. “Can’t open page” keep popping out.

so I wonder if you can kindly tell me how did you create those preview links please?

Many Thanks!

Hi Team, welcome to the community :grin:

Can you tell us which technology you are using to build your project? Also are you seeing any errors in your browser console?


Hi Phil,

Actually Kieran help us to build the website, therefore I had no clue about which technology.
there is no Error on it, whenever we click “Preview”, a page pops up with “Safari Can’t Open the Page” on it.


OK, I understand a bit better now. Thanks Lyz.

Have they ever worked on the website? It sounds like Kieran hasn’t configured previews to work on your website yet.

If you can ask him to reach out to us we’ll be happy to help him get this set up for you.