Live Preview problem in prismic site

We have a problem with Live Preview.
Sometimes it is working good, but sometimes we got an error or just 1 minutes delay.
It is working differently when we testing different computers.
Can you help me?

Hi @groupitdevelopers ,

While I can't know for sure if this is your issue, I can tell you that when I experience "error" in my page builder slice previews, it's 99% related to whether or not I have activated a page preview. If I activate a page preview, it sets a series of cookies that somehow cause my page builder slice previews to error out. If I then go back to the page preview, and close the page preview toolbar by clicking the X, this clears the cookies. I then refresh the page builder, and my slice previews work again.

Let me know if that helps.


Thank you, I will test it.

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Hi @groupitdevelopers ,

Can you make a recording of the issue with this plugin?

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Thanks for doing this; it helps immensely. I'm bringing it to the team to see if they can help.

Thank you

In the Jam, we can see a timeout which indicates some kind of very slow website or, more likely, as it's hosted on Netlify, some rate limiting. It's still worth checking if we can workaround the situation, though; can you send me a copy of your website or a Github link?