The live preview is going crazy and constantly flickers and refreshes

This was not an issue last week and today I go in Prismic and I see the following on every page - what is going on?

this makes the new editor physically unusable and impossible to make any changes. It wasn't an issue last week....

@kris1 sorry to see you're having issues. Did you recently update slice machine ?

@guy.proops it has one of the newest versions. Haven't upgraded it between it working and not working - it was working last Wednesday at the latest then it started glitching on Monday

Thank @kris1 . Would you mind sharing the name of the repo where this is occurring?

sent you a dm

Thanks, @kris1 . Team is looking into it now. I will update here once we have more info or if we need anything else from you.

@kris sent you a dm

Hi Kris,

I believe the team has rolled out a fix for this. If you can confirm you're getting version 4.1.0 of the toolbar in your browser and test this again?