Google to block third party cookies in 2024

Google is set to start blocking all third party cookies later this year - الاستعداد للإيقاف التدريجي لملفات تعريف الارتباط التابعة لجهات خارجية  |  Privacy Sandbox  |  Google for Developers

Does this impact Prismic Preview mode as well as sharing preview links?

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Hey @kris,

Yes, this might affect Prismic previews. Our team is investigating and you can expect an update from us at some point this year to address any potential problems.


Hi Sam,

Is there any update on this one?

I know the team is still researching the subject. I don't have any other info for now.

Hi. I think my problem is also related to this same topic of third-party cookies. I am seeing this warning in the console. Will this also be addressed soon? thanks.


This is causing us issue now for previews. We need to be able to share preview links but they often do not work, displaying a 404 instead. The third-party cookies being blocked is all I can think of, it'd be great to have an update from the team if possible? Thanks!

Hi Raphaelle,

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Since this should only be related to Chrome, can you try previews first in incognito mode and then in a different browser to see if they are working?

Hiya! Thanks Phil, we think we fixed one of the reasons why it wasn't working for internal staff, but I'll get back to you for more information as to why it's not working for external people if I can get more details.

I will say I assumed it was due to cookies because I'm getting the same warnings as Akbar above;

Therefore we do aim to debug but we're unsure when this will start affecting us more seriously.

These warnings won't cause an issue in your project right now. The team is currently in the discussion/planning phase for this.