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Hi everyone

By doing my tests I see that I have the following warning Screenshot by Lightshot

this cookie is set by prismic via the piece of javascript code that I set up. I don't know exactly what this piece of code is doing and I don't have my hands on it.

When we switch to "preview" mode, we get the above warning when we click on the cross to close the preview, which means that we cannot easily exit preview mode.

Can you please tell me how to fix this problem?

Hi Maël,

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I'll be happy to help you debug this. Can you tell me which version of chrome you are using?


Hi Phil,

This is my Chrome's version : Version 88.0.4324.150 (Build officiel) (x86_64)


OK, normally it should work then.

What technology are you using to build your project?


We build our project with Php 7.2, JavaScript and the servers are in NGINX.
Do you need more informations?

It's strange that you're seeing this issue as it's something that we used to see with an old version of chrome. Maybe you're on the old toolbar. Can you tell me what it says in the Settings > preview section of your Prismic repo.

What's the suggested script?

Hi Phil,

This is the suggested script :

This is settings : Screenshot by Lightshot

If putting parameter "new = true" on this script could that solve the problem ? :

Hi Maël,

Yes if the following section has new=true in your repository, you can do that. If not I can upgrade it.

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Hey @m.mykita,

Are you still getting this error? Can you tell me exactly which cookie is throwing this error?

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