Live update - api object being cached?

I am trying to implement a page that will periodically check prismic for new content and render it 'live' on the page.

async fetch() {
        try {
          let prismicResponse = await this.$prismic.api.query(
            this.$'document.type', 'live_post'),
            {lang: 'en-gb'}
          const content = prismicResponse.results
          const posts = => {
            return {
              html: this.$prismic.asHtml(
          this.posts = posts
          setTimeout(this.$fetch, 2000)
        } catch (e) {

But when I add new content in Prismic the api response is still the same, and doesn't include the new content. If I refresh the page the new content appears as expected. Having read the FAQs, it seems to be issue 2, but I'm not sure how to go about rebuilding/refreshing the api object.

I was able to get around the issue by changing the prismicResponse to be an axios call rather than using the $prismic object, but still it would be useful to know how I could reload the api object.

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Hey @cjastles, thanks for sharing your use case. Have you tried setting up Webhooks? They can help you trigger a build when a change is detected:

Hi Pau, thanks for your reply. I'd already planned to move over to Webhooks as a more efficient way of handling updates, but still I think there are use cases which would involve being able to retrieve a fresh instance of the api object without needing to reload the page.