LSEP Character show up on Windows machines

At times when copying in text to a Prismic field a U+2028 Line Separator is included into the JSON sent to client. Unfortunately this character is invisible in Prismic but shows up as LSEP on windows machines. It's a documented issue on Windows with this character. The issue can be fixed by backspacing the seemingly normal whitespace in Prismic and publishing again.

Since this doesn't fix the root cause I'm curious if there's a way to find and replace all instances of this character once it reaches client, or any Prismic helpers to use here?

Hello team, is this text used in the document's content? could you show us an example so we can run a test?

I can confirm this has happened a few times now and been able to resolve by either backspacing inside Prismic field (even though the character isn't visible).

A better solution has been to simply run a find and replace function on the client side to strip these.