Message "Your SliceZone is empty" after a few seconds

Hi, I'm having a problem when deploying my Nuxt site to an s3 bucket (with web hosting enabled).

The page loads fine: it displays the slicezones etc but then seems to have an issue after it loads the toolbar iframe: Prismic Toolbar iFrame

When I serve the dist folder locally, I do not have this issue.

Test URL:

Help appreciated.

Hi Aidan,

Welcome to the community!

I'll be happy to help debug this with you. Can you tell me what version your vue-slicezone package is?

And/or send me a link to your projects github if you have one.


Hi Phil, thanks for getting back to me.

Using vue-slicezone 0.1.0

I saw there is a 0.1.1 now, but after upgrading to that yesterday, the SliceMachine started throwing lots of errors so I reverted to 0.1.0.

Unfortunately the repo is private but if necessary I can zip it and send to an email address.

Thanks again

Sure, you can send the zip to me in a private message here.

Can you also tell me how you're deploying your website? Is it deployed in Static or SSR mode?


It's in target: "static" mode.

I'm using BitBucket pipelines to build and deploy the dist folder to an s3 bucket.

I'll send you a PM with the zip - thanks.

Hello Aidan. We're reviewing your case.
We'll come back when we have more information.



I decided to switch to using Netlify rather than AWS for separate reasons and it is working fine when deployed there. So I reckon we can probably chalk this one up to a permissions issue.

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