Migrating Legacy Slices to Slice Machine - Question on Legacy Slice Names

Hi there,

My site is currently using legacy slices with NextJS. On a single custom type in my repository, I've been trying out the beta tool for migrating legacy slices. Everything seems to have worked well, but it looks like the custom type within the Prismic editor holds a reference to the old slice name even after I've pushed up my slice machine migrations.

As an example, my old legacy slice was called "simple_section". When migrating my slice in Slice Machine, it auto-filled to the name "SimpleSection" and I just went with it. I realized this was a problem when I tried to render the slice using the SliceZone component. It gave me the following message:

[SliceZone] Could not find a component for Slice type "simple_section"

Looking at the slice_type in the returned data, I can see that it is giving me the old name which is causing the error:

  slice_type: 'simple_section'

Taking a look at the rest of my slices, it looks like I have followed the same "underscore" naming convention for some reason. With this one page I've tested, is it safe to edit the JSON to match the legacy slice name or will it be easier to republish this document so that the name references might be updated automatically?

While continuing with my migration, I imagine it will be much simpler to match the names of my old slices exactly so that this doesn't happen. My main question is - is this the intended behavior of the migration or is this an edge case that I may have found? It would be nice to not have the mental overhead of matching names exactly when migrating though.