Migrating to Slice Machine

Hi Pau and Prismic Team

It has been 5 months since the last post in this thread. I run a design agencies's website as inhouse developer and would like to migrate from the legacy builder to slice machine. The reason i want to migrate is A. because the prismic documentation is all based on slice machine and B. because i love the shared slices aspect and that slices and custom types can be managed in the code.

Can you make a statement/estimate when a migration guide from legacy to slice machine will be published?

If i would know when there will be progress in the migration topic i could much better plan, how we will develop our website further this year. It makes a difference for our strategy/priorities if we go with legacy for another year or if we migrate to slice machine soon.

It would be really great to have a migration guide / info page which transparently informs what's possible already now and what is not possible yet. Currently the info seems to be scattered in the forum.

Thanks a lot : )

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