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I have three tab with title, detail, how-to and resources. Each tab has some content in certain format.
Detail section tab design

How to Tab


How do I create this content-type and achive the grid layout.

hey @rinkusamanta12 thanks for reaching out

There are many ways of resolving the content modeling of your Custom Types. I imagine that this is a section inside your site.

I'm thinking you could use a Slice for the entire section. In the non-repeatable zone, it can have an Image field for the icon and a Key Text field for the name of each section. Then in the repeatable zone a Title field and a Rich Text field so you can add as many elements inside each section as you need.

Yeah, this is a tricky one because if you put this all in the same Slice then you can't specify the different 2 and 3 columns for the text section.

My initial thought is like @Pau said to have a Slice, but I would put everything in the repeatable zone, but add a drop-down to specify the amount of columns needed for your rich text field so:

[columns dropdown]
[text field]

The only problem with this structure is you can't dictate what text will start your column as you'll be using the CSS column count property:

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