Feature Requests from a New User


I'm new to Prismic and evaluating using the CMS for our Agency workflow. I'm the lead developer at our agency and my initial impression of the Developer Experience using Prismic has been fantastic. Right out of the box the system feels intuitive and very productive to generate new slices and layouts.

I wanted to share my thoughts of the content editing experience and get ahead of a few questions that I know our clients will have. For a little background, I have developed and maintained our in-house CMS for over 15 years so I know these requests may be no simple task.

1. Ability to upload multiple images directly into a repeatable image field in a slice.
We have many clients that use grids to present work, event photos, photography, etc. Right now the limitation of having to first upload images to the Media Library and then select 1 item at a time to add to a repeatable image field will be very time consuming.
An ideal workflow would be to upload multiple images directly to the image field. This would also add the items to the Media Library in addition to be added to the slice

2. The ability to select multiple items at once from the Media Library
In addition too, or as a workaround to the point above, it would be ideal to be able to select multiple items from the Media Library and add them to the selected slice.

3. Repeatable Area in Slice having a "grid" view
I understand this may be a big ask for multiple fields within a repeatable section but I wanted to share the use case of a simple image grid. In the static zone I would add a title and description field for the grid. Then in the repeatable section have just an image field. Right now if I had say 40-50 images to build out the image grid each image in the repeatable section is vertically stacked down the page. This takes up a lot of visual real estate in the editor interface and also makes the ability to drag/drop the order of each image very difficult.
A small thumbnail view of each image in a FLEX or CSS GRID that could then be drag/drop ordered would be ideal

4. Toggle slice sections open/close
By default each slice added to a page (or any custom type). Is always open by default. If we have a page with 5+ slices including this gets a little confusion to look at from first glance. Would be ideal if the client could toggle each slice open/close and then focus their work on the slices they are editing.

5. Drag/Drop order of slices within a page
This is related to item #4 above. If you could view all the slices "closed" it would be much easier interface to use the up/down arrows to re-order the slices. Bonus points if you could just drag/drop the order of each slice.

I hope this is helpful. I have been playing with the system for a couple weeks now and really loving it. We are planning on re-launching our agency website using Prismic as the CMS for a real Production test case and I'm hopeful this will be a great fit for our clients too.

Thank you!

Hey @neal, welcome to the Prismic forum, and thanks a lot for your feedback and outlook. It's always very much appreciated. I'll create these feature requests in our backlog. A couple of them already exist. I'll list them below:

Hi @Pau, Thanks for the response and links. I made sure to HEART each of those topics to show support. One of them was closed so I couldn't reply there. Is it also helpful to add these ideas as individual requests to the "What's New" page?

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We update the progress page with the latest features we're working on. You'll always be able to see our most resent work in progress there!

Absolutely, I have been checking out that page. Curious if the "+ Submit Idea" button on the page is useful, or if the Forums is the more appropriate place to post feature requests.

Yes, both the Submit option and the forum are valid options to request features!