Choose Multiple Images at once

Im new to trying out prismic. Is there a way to add a field that allows you to choose multiple things? Like for example, something as absolutely basic as an image gallery, where you can choose multiple images, instead of adding one, repeating the field and adding another? Pretty clunky when trying to add more than like 3 photos???

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 2.55.15 PM

my other example, would be a group with a group in it. i have a gallery that has spec images, right now the only way i can think of (other than a custom type and needing more query code added) is to create a group field that can repeat, but its really obnoxious to choose a type for every image over and over, some of these galleries have up to 30 photos...

but even using a custom type and needing to use groups with and image field feels pretty clunky, needing to extract every image from the array rather than just having an array of images like nearly every other cms is odd


Thanks for your messages and all the details on the use cases. These are super interesting examples. And good news, it's exactly the topic that the team is looking at at the moment.

We should be able to come back to you shortly with updates :)

In the meantime you can have a look at our anouncement page where we detail the project and why we are doing it :point_down:


Côme, Product Manager, Team DevTools at Prismic