My prismic portfolio with Sveltkit

Hi, I've been practicing with Prismic for a while now, and I've finally created a portfolio that I'm proud of. I drew inspiration from several tutorial videos where I learned GSAP, but I also added my personal touch to it:

My next step is to add locales for a bilingual website.


Wow, Janis, it looks stunning, thanks for sharing!

A cool thing is that when I opened your site, I have this extension that enables dark mode on all pages, and it also looked amazing. Whether in light or dark mode, it works great either way!

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Thanks, very kind of you. I am now trying to implement locales. :laughing:
Not easy.

Hey, this looks great! Fantastic job!

I'd suggest adding an option to turn off this rainbow background following/activating on cursor, it's very distracting to focus on the content also can cause accessibility problems for users with motion sickness.

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You are actually right, thanks for the suggestion I will work on that. :slight_smile:

It is beautiful, though! Thank you for sharing. That file with your mouseFx :exploding_head:

@janisgaudreault.jg This looks amazing! Well done!