Any plans for Svelte/Sapper?

I'm interested in using Prismic with Svelte/Sapper but it's hard to find any documentation or examples.

I'm just curious if Prismic is experimenting with Svelte at all? I know there was some interest in the community, and at the Jamstack Conf, Sadek said he wanted to look into it.

Maybe it's possible to do something with SvelteQuery? If anyone's experimenting with that, I'd love to see an example.

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the community!

We are planning first-class support of Svelte in the future, though for the moment we are waiting for the release of Svelte Kit so that we can give the best support possible.

Though @levi did create an example of how to use Sapper with our standard JS kit if you're still interested in that:

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank so much Phil, I'm stoked to hear you're planning to first-class support Svelte! I do understand the need to wait for SvelteKit though. I don't know a lot about Prismic yet, but it looks like you're doing some really awesome things. I'm really looking forward to Svelte + Prismic.

Thanks for the link to the prismic-sapper example. I'll have a look and see if I can do something with it now. :slight_smile:

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In case anyone's interested, I used @levi's starter to create a Sapper version of the Gatsby tutorial site. You can find it here: GitHub - briansteeleca/prismic-sapper-gatsby-tutorial: A simple Prismic + Sapper sample site that pulls data from the Prismic Gatsby tutorial repo.

I've had a look at the Preview documentation, but haven't had much luck figuring out how to implement it, so any help with that would be greatly appreciated!

You can find my Github repo here: briansteeleca/prismic-sapper-gatsby-tutorial

Hey @steeleware ,

I'm excited to check out your work on the Gatsby tutorial site with Svelte :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing it.

With SvelteKit in beta, we've published a tutorial on using Prismic with SvelteKit:

We don't have any documentation for implementing previews, yet, but — as Phil said — that will be forthcoming. (I have to figure it out myself, first :slight_smile: )

I'll be sure to update you as I make progress.



Oh wow, what a fantastic resource @samlittlefair , thanks so much for sharing. I know it's still early days for SvelteKit, so I really didn't expect to hear progress from you guys so soon! I can't wait to give it a try.

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