Sveltekit stater kit with TailwindCSS JIT, PrismicCMS, GraphQL, and Vercel adapter

Just wanted to share my starterkit for anyone trying to create something with sveltekit, tailwind, prismic graphql and vercel.

Hope it helps!


This is fantastic. You should so a small blog post on querying the data with graphql in sveltekit. Right now I am simply following the same directions from their tutorial but I feel in the future we will need to query with graphql

Thanks mate. I've found an issue with multiple pages and navigation. I'm not sure if it's sveltekit or graphQL but I haven't found time to debug it yet. Let me know if you find a better way of doing things!

Right now with prismic's way of using a promise... i am not sure if it's ideal for svelte. can't assign to a variable like you can with the load function so that's why i'm super hyped about using graphql. are you using their latest config? I had those bugs a couple days ago when I was setting up 404 pages.

Hello @umutahmet

This is great that you share the project with us. It would be better if you can write a blog and share a link with us. We will add in our community-made projects.

Thanks again,

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