Native app integration

Hello, my company is using prismic for building a static website. I'm in charge of the native mobile apps (build in Swift and Kotlin) and I want to evaluate the possibility to use your service for that. I find some projects on GitHub for Android and iOS integration but both seems outdated and iOS one is no longer even indexed on your website. I tried to access to a sample doc via postman and the API seems quite complex to integrate in a native component. Do you provide this kind of functionality for native apps?

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Hi @mhausherr,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

We are currently handing some of our kits to the community to maintain, and most likely the IOS kit as well as it is somehow outdated.

But in fact, It wouldn't be complicated to use our RESTful API directly; basically, you need to make a first call to API to get the ref and then you call the endpoint using the fetched ref from the first query.

And as far as I understand Kotlin is based on the JVM and this allows you to use our JAVA kit.

Please let us know if you need any further help,

You could wrap it with and publish on app stores.

Thanks, for your feedback.