Need help to integrate prismic with Abell

Hi there, I am working on a site generator called “Abell” and needed some help in integrating prismic to allow users to edit content.

The site follows a little different structure, All the markdown that user writes is stored inside a content/<slug-of-blog>/

My website follows:

- content/
    |- <$slug>/
        |- (has the markdown content (only body))
        |- meta.json (has the title, date, and other information)
- theme/
    |- index.abell (this is rendered into HTML on build time)

If you want to check out the complete structure, I have a starter template of Abell at:

If you can (or point to a resource that can) help me understand how I can write the configurations for my folder’s structure, that would be a huge help.

Thank you!


Prismic doesn’t return markdown. So if there’s a way to programmatically create pages, you can use that possibly, but Abell looks fairly unstable at the moment.

I’d recommend using something like, which runs with markdown already.

Yes, it is at its very early stage currently. Is there any documentation for the API to see how it returns the content?

EDIT: Found this rich text templating documentation. I guess I can try it out. Thanks

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