Bad editor experience using Prismic

I've been tasked with looking into how we could improve the editor experience when working with one of our main Prismic repositories. Currently, it's really sluggish when listing and editing content, and gives bad error messages every time we try to update/publish content, the editor shows "could not publish" error messages, yet, it still publish content, it seems to get stuck and timeout on the POST<id> request.

The main problem I believe might cause this behavior is the large number of tags fetched (30k+) and handled in the Write Room frontend code on several requests. This has been an ongoing issue since the start when the content got imported from a previous WordPress backend.

My thought process atm has been to find a way to A, consolidate and reduce the number of tags somehow, B, change to a custom tag system (as outlined in, and C, move the content to an inhouse system with direct write-/read access to the data.

The roadblock I've hit right now is how to proceed with either option. Mainly the lack of finding a way to programmatically update the Prismic content. Suppose I could go through all articles with a spider. Mainly wondering if you have any suggestions, course of action to be able to improve the Prismic editor/workflow performance for our editorial team.

Hello Max, welcome to the forum!

This is the first time I hear about a similar error happening a cause of having too many tags. Reducing the number of tags may seem like a good option, mostly to improve the usability inside the writing room, this shouldn’t cause any issues nevertheless. We could make an investigation in your repository, I'd just need that you send me the URL of your repository via private dm.

[Update] This is a known issue and very specific to repositories that have too many tags.

We'll probably tackle this issue later with a document list screen revamp, but we have no ETA for now though.

But, we are currently keeping track of that issue, and if/when we have any news about any change we'll announce it here


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