New editor is not backwards compatible

We are using prismic to do some data synching to our backend system. We just created a new project which automatically used the new editor.
At first we were very excited since it improved the datetime pickers drastically (Thanks for that). But after a closer look it still has some issues for us (at least, I think these issues are introduced because of the new editor)

  • Default boolean values used to have their default values when we fetch them from the api. Now, if you don't change the value of the boolean it will just return "null" in the api. This is unexpected behaviour.

  • We have a model called "Participant" and the first field is "First name". We used to be able to create multiple instances of this model with the same first name, but when using the new editor, it looks like it's using this for some kind of unique id. When trying to create a second instance with the same first name, I can't save the model anymore ("error": "document_uid_conflict")

  • There's also no more way to publish a document after making an edit to it and saving it.

Is it possible to switch our whole account back to the old legacy editor? The new one just introduces more issues that it solves for us.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Thomas,

I'll be happy to help with this, and I really appreciate the feedback.

So this is a known bug not related to the new builder, but one the team hopes to tackle soon.

This is strange behaviour; if you have a screenshot of this, it would be really useful if it's a bug in the new builder. Usually, this should only happen on a UID field. If the "First name" field is a UID field, then this is the expected behaviour.

I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Can you send me a screenshot for this as well?

I'll be very happy to switch you over to the legacy editor. Can you tell me which repo that is for so I can process this for you?


@Phil Thanks for the reply. Below you can find the extra info.

This is just a text field

"first_name" : {
      "type" : "Text",
      "config" : {
        "label" : "First name"

If you look at the screenshot it looks like it's using a "slugified" version of the first name field as a uid for some reason.

After editing a model, I can save it, but I can't publish it from the detail view anymore. I need to go back to the overview, select it and publish it from the list.
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 09.57.14

Is it possible to send the repo names through a direct message? I'd rather not share them publicly.

I've forwarded the text field bug to the team, but I couldn't recreate it on my side.

For publishing, you're able to select it in the document and publish it there. Is this what you're referring to?

@Phil Right, that wasn't clear for me. It used to just show the publish button whenever anything was edited. Thanks for that.

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