Next.js 13.4 release: App Router with preview example

Hello, I'm kind of lost on how to set up the preview functionality with the 13.4 release. Could someone help me with an example?

When I last checked their docs last week, they had a note that the preview functionality was "coming soon." I assume it will come right about the time that they have their docs and packages setup to handle this new App Router / Server Components system. :man_shrugging:

Hello @andresantiagohellman

@prismicio/next does not currently support Next.js's beta app directory. We are waiting for the feature to stabilize before supporting it since it will require significant changes to the package. We are working on documentation and will release it once everything is stable.

@nf_mastroianni Thanks for your response here.


:loudspeaker: Hey everyone!

Check out our latest blog post with updates on the Next.js app router and Prismic integration.

Happy coding! :computer::rocket: