Next.js 13.4 release: App Router with layouts is stable now

Next.js 13.4 was released yesterday containing the stable app router and several nice features for SEO and more.
When do you plan to support this? As you mentioned on GitHub, you wanted to wait until it's stable. :slight_smile:

I'd love to use it with a new Prismic Application I'm just working on.
As an example I see a big advantage in using layouts to fetch singleton data that can be used in the whole app.

I'm looking forward hearing from you and really appreciate your work. :blush:


Thank you for your interest @andre.lergier! We're actively working on releasing the documentation for it. Rest assured that you'll be able to see it soon.


Any update on this?

Hey @james6, Our docs now officially support Next.js 13 and our latest packages React Server Components and Next.js 13.4's App Router.

You can update to the latest packages in your existing projects and migrate to App Router when you are ready, since these are not breaking changes


Iโ€™m really hoping the docs will eventually explain/discuss how things work differently with the server components and more importantly, the caching system. I noticed that I can publish changes in Prismic and while in dev, I refresh the page and the content remains unchanged. This is true even when I have the developer tools open and cache disabled. I have to go to application -> storage -> clear site data and then refresh to see changes. Only other way is to set revalidate to 0 which means no caching will occur and the server will rerender on every request (at least thatโ€™s my current understanding). Anyone else trying to brave the App router and finding success?

Hello Pau, the docs still say Preview isn't yet working with the App Router, is this still correct?

That's correct @joseph.

Check out our latest blog post with updates on the Next.js app router and Prismic integration.

Happy coding! :computer::rocket: