Updated Next.js starters with @prismicio/client v7 (and an App Router version!)

Hey everyone,

Our Next.js starters have been updated to use @prismicio/client v7, the recently-released version that combines @prismicio/client, /helpers, and /types.

They also include the latest features from @prismicio/react and @prismicio/next, both of which make it simpler than ever to build Prismic websites with Next.js

If you are looking to try out Prismic or learn best practices, I recommend checking out the starters.

Next.js Starters

App Router Starter

For those interested in exploring the Next.js App Router, we have a separate branch of the Multi-Page Starter that uses the App Router and our latest technical recommendations.

Prismic preview support in the App Router is still experimental and may change in the future, which is why the starters are not yet using the App Router.

If you have any questions about the starters, please drop them here! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: