No data in linkResolver for RichText component

Hello I'm trying to use this following link structure in GatsbyJS.
The page URL is created successfully - however when I link to the page within RichText the prefix is undefined.

This is my link resolver

if (properties.type === "page") {
    const { uid, data } = properties
    const prefix = data?.parent?.uid

    return `/${prefix}/${uid}/`

This is my graphQuery in the gatsby-config plugin options

informational_page {
              silo_landing_page {
                ... on landing_page {

I've also been trying to do the same with a text field but no luck with getting this to work in a RichText component.


Hello @ricco.sobers, Can you share the entire GraphQuery and the structure of the Custom Types?
Where is the Content Relationship field located?

Also, Instead of the Link Resolver I'd recommend that you use a Route Resolver: