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Hi everyone, am trying to follow the tutorial with next js Dark modern website, but getting the error No documents were returned." my repo is above, would someone help me take a look at this? not sure if there is a issue with the starter repo or it is something I have done

I was watching TrostCodes video on prismic youtube channel, i finally set up my developement, but when i run it, my slice machine doesnt have another page and homepage slice , and the frontend has this error in the image below, how do i fix this

heres the repo : repo

@stevefernandes24 @junnexclusive I've taken a look, and I think that the issue here is that when you set things up, you selected a main/master locale other than en-us. The quick solution to this would be to duplicate the documents that you have in your en-us locale to your main locale (en-gb in both your cases). Then it should work for you.

Thank you Levi, that worked, was playing around with it more and understood why its happening. love the platform so far, I think that will be my go to freelance platform haha. thanks again!

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Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Any luck on this issue.

I just tried following a very recent tutorial on Prismic/Next.js

Running WSL2 Ubuntu. Node version 20.10.0

When running the npx command

npx @slicemachine/init@latest --repository [MY-REPO-NAME] --starter nextjs-starter-prismic-minimal-ts

I get the same login error in the browser than @druharper was getting. I've been shopping for a CMS, took the rare time I have on a Saturday away from family to try to learn this stuff but running into a wall on the first step. No documentation or anything online I've found to help me past it.

Also tried installing the prismic-cli and running "prismic login" with the same result.

My repo dashboard tells me I still need to push up models:

Local Next build fails also with Unhandled Runtime Error:

Pay attention to your adblocker. I use UBlockOrigin and needed to disable it. Login worked fine.

Fixed the Unknown type error, something had gone wrong when running the first command and I just deleted the repo and started anew now that I'm logged in correctly. Frustratedly spent way longer than I wished on this getting started however lol.

Still running into the LinkResolver issue but I'll do some more research on that :smiley:

Did you get this to work?

I am trying to do the same tutorial, and from step one nothing works. After I run this command:
npx @slicemachine/init@latest --repository dark-design --starter nextjs-starter-prismic-minimal-ts
it won't let me login from the terminal. in the console there is a cors error.

and if i try to run npm run dev I'm getting the same unhandled runtime error that you have shown above.

Hi @jason.kei.hall @dev.davebarrett ,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I'm sorry to see you ran into these issues, I'll be happy to try and resolve them with you.

I moved your questions here because it seems like the same issue. I checked your repos and can see you both have the correct documents in the correct locales.

Are you still seeing the issue?

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