Nuxt starter, storybook blank page with console errors

Hey, tried the nuxt starter, looks rreally nice. Altough I followed the instructions to 100%, when I try to run storybook, it shows a blank page with errors in console. Posted an issue here.

Works great on my system when i setup slicemachine on a clean nuxt install.

Best regards

Hey Samuel, thanks for the report!

I tested multiple times this weekend and it worked fine while indeed it breaks now, bad karma for me :woman_shrugging:

Quick patch for now: delete the lock file and run yarn again, should be working after that.

I suspect some core.js wizardry to be responsible of that, I'm investigating on the GitHub issue you opened~

edit: fixed with 6c7db22

Thank you for the quick fix, will try ASAP, need to start building :smiley:

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