Pages / Documents missing from build [EDIT: SOLVED]

Hi there,

I have quite an urgent issue here — I've used Prismic to build an ecomm site and for no specific reason some product documents are suddenly missing form the Next.js build. As soon as I open up the document and edit only a "space" or another letter and save / publish it again, it get's submitted to build successfully again but suddenly some other product document is missing.

I can't really recognize any kind of pattern, but we've encountered this two or three times already (we currently have 26 product documents inside prismic).

The only thing I am noticing I am always only getting 20 product documents back to my getStaticProps query inside Next.js. We are on a paid plan but I can't see any limits inside the pricing section on your marketing page.

I'd really appreciate if someone could get back to me as soon as possible as the client, of course, is loosing money on this.

Thank you

Hey Christian, I see that you've updated this thread to 'solved', so everything is working as expected?

Let us know if there anything else we can help you with.

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Hey Paulina, yeah (as a lot of times :wink: ) it was actually a pretty simple mistake as I had defined my pagination inside getStaticProps but not accordingly inside getStaticPaths (more detailed a had a typo) but I did not notice it for way too long :wink:

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