Pages not showing in dashboard for members but are showing for owner

Hi I can se all of the pages in the Prismic Dashboard

But my members only see a subset -has anyone else had this as an issue?

Have tried in all browsers behaviour stays the same

Hello @rob1

Thanks for reaching out to us.

What do you mean by subset? Can you share the screenshot of what you see and what your team member sees?


It's hard to explain and we've not encountered this before.

We had all three users logged in at once uploading content. The two team members could only scroll down one screen's worth of pages on the dashboard - it wasn't loading subsequent pages when it got to the bottom of the screen.

As the owner I could scroll down and more pages would load so 'works for me' but not them. I was in a different location however and they were in the same office. Could this be a network thing their side?

I'll do some more investigating next week to try to recreate.

Sure @rob1. I will wait for your response. Thanks.