Pagination on Scroll with Gatsby


I am using Gatsby and the community plugin to build a static site. I would like to display 100+ instances of published content from Prismic on a single page. To do this, I am using GraphQL. The GraphQL client only allows 20 results per query. In order to get more results I need to paginate the results as described here: I would like to render more pages of results automatically as the user scrolls.


Gatsby generates a static site, so this means all queries must be run at build time. However, the GraphQL interface doesn’t have a way to construct static queries for pagination. The plugin gatsby-source-prismic-graphql provides some guidance on this but the paginated queries are throwing errors. Is there a way to create Gatsby queries for scrolling pagination?

Hey @dturkington!

We don't have an example built with Prismic for this yet. But I found two examples, one using the plugin and one from the dev community that may be helpful to you:

(baobabKoodaa) proposes to implement infinite scroll or pagination to your Gatsby site:

Github code:

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