Percent-encoded symbols in URL result in 404s


The user is returned 404s after "+" symbols are encoded as "%2B" in image paths in her repo.

Encoded image URLs don't work with Prismic's CDN
eg: image paths with "+" symbols in the URL, encoded to "%2B", break and return 404s
this is a breaking issue for my project, because I have a 3rd party library that returns encoded urls (for generating responsive src sets with Imgix)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Madi,

Welcome to the Prismic community,

Can you please share with me (in a private message if necessary) an example image URL so that I try to reproduce the issue on my side?

Looking forward to your reply,

Sure thing, here's an example image:

Original path:

Encoded URL:

Thanks @madi for sharing this info, I will try to reproduce and will get back to you.

Hi @madi, I apologize for the delay, I've been able to reproduce the issue and I have created an issue and passed it to our dev team and we will let you know in case of any updates.

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