Images not loading – CDN?

Hi, we are experiencing that some images are not loading on production since today around noon. Instead of the image, there is just whitespace. What we know so far:

Also, not sure if related: we were experiencing preview issues during the same time frame, plus issues with one specific page being set back to a state of a couple of weeks ago (i.e. loosing all content changes made during the last weeks). We were able to restore the latest version tho.


Hi Anne,

I’ll be happy to help. Can you send me a link to a page containing one of these images?
How are the images being passed to the page in your project?

I’m not sure if it’s related to the preview issue, we’ll investigate that after we resolve this to see if it effects things.

The last state change thing sounds like human error somewhere along the line if I’m honest.


Hi @Phil, on our homepage and on there are images missing, plus other pages. Thanks!

OK, all the images that are failing seem to be svg format. I’ll try to see what’s going on.

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All right I see what’s breaking the image, there seems to be a query string added for the width, this obviously won’t work for svg images:

if you remove &w=1680, then it works.

This is probably breaking the preview like you said, if you can pass this on to your dev they can probably resolve this and we’re here to help. Alternatively you can re-upload these images in another format and they will work.


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Thanks Phil! Now we were able to fix it, amazing!

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