Images served from s3 bucket rather than CDN

Images added in the rich text field are sometimes randomly being served from an s3 bucket as opposed to the prismic CDN. On my side I can't see abnormalities in the images as they are using similar file formats and sizes, and removing/adding the image back into the field most times resolves the issue. For example the first 2 images here ( are both in the rich text field but one is being served from S3 and the other a CDN (,format &

Is there any reason why this might be happening?

Hi Vincent,

Welcome to the community!

This is the first time I've seen this issue, I'm going to investigate why this is happening, so thank you for providing all this information. Once I know more I'll get back to you.


Can you tell me when you originally uploaded the images that are appearing on the Amazon server, are they images that were uploaded a long time ago?


Hello Phil,

It was uploaded around a month ago, at the same time as other images without issue.

Hey Vincent,

In that case, I'm not really sure what the issue is here, so I've reported it as a bug to our team and hopefully, they'll find time to explore this. If/when they do find time they'll update you here.