SVGs are not served through cdn

So there was a change on how the svg images are served (, and now they are coming directly from the S3 bucket from Amazon, not from Cloudfront.

This causes problems in Europe, because the S3 is located in the US.

Can you please look into this?

Hello, thanks for reaching out.

That is correct, all SVGs are now served directly from the S3 bucket from Amazon, a few exceptions may appear if the SVG file was uploaded to Prismic before this new configuration was setup, but for all new ones that's how it's done.

Could you please share with us more information about your case?
Which problems is this causing on your side?



As I wrote since it's served directly from S3, there is no CDN, that means our svg images are taking a lot more time to load, because the S3 is located in the US.

This is an example svg image's network timeline, and as you can see connection time takes more than 500ms, compared to the imgix server + cdn where it's like around 10-100ms.

Hi Akos,

We're currently tracking this in the following thread and the team have already worked on the fix for this. Hopefully we'll be getting this deployed soon so all our SVG's will be delivered through the CDN.

We'll update everyone in that thread once this is done.